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GCSE Tutoring

- Heartfelt thanks!

Dear Claire
I have not had the chance to thank you for your excellent tutoring of M. She did extremely well in her exams, and before we had the luck to find you she was on the verge of failing. You are an excellent tutor and she looked forward to your lessons very much. Thank you! Best wishes. S.K. - August 2016

- I cannot thank you enough. You absolutely transformed my grades- I didn't even think I'd pass at the beginning- this is better then I could've ever hoped for. Thank you for being such a good teacher, for the work you put into each session, and for being so friendly and patient with me even when I didn't understand things the first couple of times. I don't exaggerate when I say you are the best French teacher I've ever had, including the ones at school, and also the best tutor. M. B. - September 2016

- Hi Claire,

I hope you've had a lovely summer. Just wanted to let you know that Jake got an A Star in his french GCSE!!

Thank you so very much for all your support and help with this. A big thank you from J. too! Best Wishes, N.E. August 2014




Chidren Tutoring


 - Thank you very much for helping my son, L.. Starting in a French speaking school hasn't been as scary as it should have been for L.. He is really confident!! Thank you for your help! The challenge wasn't easy but you've been wonderful. Amazing! F.L. - August 213 



French Nursery rhymes and Story tellings


 - My daughter and I loved the class! We can't wait to come again. Merci!!  E.P. - September 2013

 - An absolute pleasure, we really enjoyed it and we have already been practising our French animals too!

   Really well done!!! R.L. - September 2013




Written Translating services


 - Thank you for your help in translating my website. It extended my clientele and thanks for helping me with clients' email. Your fast response has been really helping my business. I don't know how I would have done without your help. N.S. - May 2013




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