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GCSE and Key Stage Three French Lessons

Private tutoring is a great way for your child to learn French for school or holidays and helps boost self-confidence whilst expanding their vocabulary. I tailor my lessons to suit the age level and the ability of individual students, with a fun-based approach for younger pupils and a more serious lesson plan for older students approaching GCSE French exams. Learn more about the benefits of being bilingual...


GCSE French Tutor


Need help with the new GCSE French preparation? I am running small classes (maximum 5 students) in Twickenham Library, where we will work together getting ready for the French GCSE Exams.


Please call me if you'd like to book a place, on 07812 437 017. 

Key Stage Three French Group Lessons are also available, please call to discuss 07812 437 017

Learn French
Children's French Tutor
French GCSE Teacher
Infant Learning 3yrs - 5yrs


The "Infant" class is a step further than the nursery rhymes group.


Your little one (along with mummy - depending on age) will continue to discover French and start to play with the French vocabulary via games, songs and dance.

Children's Tutoring 5yrs - 11yrs


The children's tuition classes will teach your child how to discuss on basic topics (my name, my things, family, etc).


We will discover the French alphabet, the numbers and sounds, the accents, a wide vocabulary list. Most importantly I will help your child to be comfortable and confident when using the French language.



GCSE Tuition 11yrs +


Focused on the current GCSE French syllabus, the tutoring can incorporate either the revision materials provided by your child's school (including homework) or my own language learning plan.


One-to-one or small group tutoring gives students the opportunity to ask questions they wouldn't in class and practice speaking and listening.



My private classes are adapted to each child's starting level and their parents objectives, therefore session length and frequency is flexible to fit your needs. The costs below are just for indication.


I always suggest meeting the children and ideally the parents prior to the first private class to evaluate your child's level, needs and expectations.


Contact me to arrange a free informal meeting

Infant Learning 3yrs - 5yrs


Due to attention span I normally suggest sessions for 3yrs - 5yrs are kept to forty-five minutes.



Group Session  £23 per 45mins

12x Group Session Package £270*

Private Session  £26 per 45mins

12x Private Session Package £300*


Children's Tutoring 5yrs - 11yrs


The normal length of a session for this group is an hour.




Group Session  £20 per hour

12x Group Session Package £220*


Private Session  £35 per hour

12x Private Session Package £400*


*when booked and paid in advance

GCSE Tuition 11yrs +


Practice makes perfect and with the more complex GCSE level       I suggest session are a minimum of one hour. 


Group Session  £22 per hour

12x Group Session Package £220*


Private Session  £35 per hour

12x Private Session Package £400*

French lessons come to you...


If you want to organise a regular French group lesson at your local School, Library or Home, use this poster to tell people about it.

If you get four or more people confirmed I'm happy to come to you, within three miles of Twickenham - see the areas listed at the top of this site for guidance or call to discuss.

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