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French for Toddlers

French for Toddlers is perfect to encourage your child to discover a new culture, learn new sounds and of course learn the basic French words..

Excellent for his speech (English as well as French) the sessions will also prepare him for school, without of course forgetting the added value of being in advance in  French vocabulary for his GCSE.

You will be joining your child, learning with him via games, songs, actions....etc... in order to reproduce these at home to allow him to assimilate even more.


                        French Toddlers sessions are re-opening soon,

                               please contact me for details.


Contact me for more information or if you would like to know when it will start again.


The sessions will last 45 minutes, they are of interactive games, stories, songs and activities with the added fun of exercising your little ones' brain and body.


The French Toddler session is a lovely way for a mother and toddler to spend some quality time together, before school start. Not only you will be learning and having fun, but also it will be a great way for children to build social skills and make friends. And mummies, you'll be able to meet other mums too.


You don't need to speak French to come along to the nursery rhymes group, it's much more entertaining than educational, although you'll pick up plenty of French. 





The French Toddlers sessions are £10, which covers both mummy and toddler. If you're bringing additional children I ask for £8 each.


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