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Where do you teach?


I offer French Tutoring in Twickenham, Richmond, Teddington, Strawberry Hill and Hampton, where I usually meet my students in their home or at their local library.













Which ages and levels do you teach?


I'm currently teaching primary schools children but I am looking to develop lessons for all ages.






















What are your teaching materials?


I use exercises, grammar, teaching and reading books from which I photocopy pages which correspond to the lesson.  Your child will therfore have some material to take home which will help him/her revise in between classes.

I will also use CDs or DVDs to practice your listening skills...




Can I cancel or reschedule my lesson?


Off course you can!

Having lessons in different venues involves a bit of organisation. Therefore, if lessons need to be moved or cancelled, all I ask for is at least 24hrs notice so I can re-organise my diary and hopefully book another class in place.











What are your working hours?


I am available Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm.








What are your lessons' lengths and frequency?


Lessons are a minimum of 45 minutes but can be as long as you would like to and the frequency will depend on your availability and your ambitions.


You can book a one off lesson but I will recommend to start with a miimum of 10 in order to be effective.






What is your lesson Format?


After a first meeting I will evaluate your child's level and  your expectations so I can personalised the lessons.

Whatever your child level is, we will see every aspects of the French language, from writting to listening throught reading. We will learn new vocabulary,  work on the pronounciation and grammar....

We will do lots of exercises togeter and your little one will come back home with some "gentle" homeworks.

The following class will start by a revision of the previous one.


We will aim to speak French throughout each lesson. Of course we can revert to English if needed – especially at the beginning if you are a beginner so don’t worry!









































Do you teach groups?


Yes, I can teach up to 4 students at a time.
















What are your prices?


The prices depend on the services offer and number of students. Please feel free to visit my prices page for more details.






















How do I pay for my lessons?


I believe it is easier by bank transfer in advance of the sessions but if I will be happy to take cash payment if needed.

 If you need my bank details just Contact me.

Payments can be made in advance or on the day. Please note there are Discounts available for paying for your lessons in bulk in advance.



What do I need to bring to each lesson?


Please bring an A4 notebook, pencil (not pen) and eraser to each lesson. It is also advisable to get an A4 folder to keep all your documents in.

I will provide you with study and excercise materials each week which you can add to your folder. I will bring along a dictionary each week for us to use but feel free to bring your own too.












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