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Children Tutoring



Private tutoring is a great way for your child to learn French for school or holidays and helps boost self-confidence whilst expanding their vocabulary. I tailor my lessons to suit the age level and the ability of individual students, with a fun-based approach for younger pupils and a more serious manner for older students approaching GCSE French exams.


Classes will start again in October 2013


-Infant Learning: 3 to 5 year old

The "Infant" class is a step further from the nursery rhymes group. Your little one (along with mummy - depending on age) will continue to discover French and start to play with the French vocabulary via games, songs, dance.



-Children Tuition: 6 to 11 year old

The children tuition classes will teach your child how to discuss on basic topics (my name, my things, family...) .

We will discover the French alphabet, the numbers and sounds, the accents, a wide vocabulary list. Most importantly I will help your child to be comfortable and confident when using the French language.



-GCSE Tuition: 11 years old +

Focused on the current GCSE French syllabus, the tutoring can incorporate either the revision materials provided by your child's school (including homework) or my own language learning plan.



First appointment

My classes are adapted to each child, therefore I like to meet my pupils prior to the first class. 

A first appointment allow us to meet each other and give me the opportunity to evaluate your child's level, needs and expectations.


Contact me for more details or to book your 1st. appointment.



Class Content

Most class will end with some homeworks for the following class. I believe a language needs to be alive so homeworks are helpful to revise and practiced what we've learnt.


Once again, this could be done via games or songs directly with you. 

We will study at your child's speed and will see the important aspects of the French language, such as vocabulary, pronounciation, grammar..... by reading, listening and writing.

If your child is learning French at school, I will follow the program and re-inforce the different points seen at school.


I understand the level of concentration might not be at its best after a school day so why not learning French in a different way?


It doesn't need to be too academic, as language we can easily learn it via games, songs and.... cookery lessons, pourquoi pas !




What to do next?


If you are happy with the above and would like your child to follow my classes, please book your first appointment.


Thank you to send me an email (Contact me) with your name and and availabilities and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



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